Why Small Businesses Need a Website

Updated October 3, 2019 by Dillon Browne

Four Reasons Every Small Business Must Put Up a Website

When you run your own small business, it often feels like the work never ends. The to-do-list seems to grow by the day and every time you check one thing off, it seems like two more tasks rise to take its place. So yeah, running a small business is stressful.

And yet, you can’t take any short cuts and can’t let up. If you do, you risk falling behind. Further, your best competitors won’t be taking their eyes off the prize. So if you start cutting corners, you risk getting pushed out of the market.

This is definitely true when it comes to setting up a website. Your site needs to be a clean, professional looking site that performs to the highest standards. Let’s go over some reasons why every small business needs a great website.

People “Window Shop” Online Now

Used to be, if you wanted to go window shopping, you’d take a stroll down main street and peer through the literal windows. Few people do that these days. Finding parking is a hassle, the weather is unpredictable, and most importantly, Google makes it crazy-easy to window shop from home.

Over 80 percent of users will now conduct research online before they commit to buying a product. Even if someone wants to buy something in the “real world”, they’ll often conduct research online. If someone is looking for the best pizza in town, for example, they’ll likely start their search with Google.

Customers Often Need Information

Sometimes, brick and mortar SME’s assume they can get away without putting up a website. If you own a pub, do you really need to be online? Your customers probably won’t be ordering beers and burgers online.

Still, customers often need information. Are there any specials? Do they need to make reservations? How much does the food cost? What are the opening hours? Is there parking on premise? These days, customers often want to know what they are getting into.

You Have to Make a Good Impression

Okay, so customers need information and they’re probably searching for your products or services as you read this. So you can simply put up a simple website with some prices, hours, and the basic stuff. Heck, you could simply set up a Facebook page with all of the above.

Having a minimal online presence is better than having no presence at all. However, first impressions count. In fact, they count for a lot. If users see that your website is poor or that you don’t have a website at all, they might legitimately wonder if the rest of your products and services are any good.

On the other hand, if users see a modern, clean site, they’ll know you’re the type of business that puts pride into all of its work. And which business do you think customers will ultimately choose?

Your Best Competitors Already Have Sites Up

Finally, many of your best competitors have already recognized all of the above points. That’s how markets work. The best companies usually succeed. And you can bet that your best competitors are trying to do everything they can to succeed. That means, among other things, having a great website.

If you don’t have a website up, you risk losing ground and market share to the competition. Over time, you could even be pushed out of the market completely.